Process to Activate your Locked IN Domain Names at Mitsu Inc

Hope you received email from NiXi (.IN Registry) as well as from us on 14th September, 2020 / 4th January, 2020 / 28th March, 2021 and other periodical emails to renew your domain name. Please note that all Registry emails are sent to the Registrant email id of the domain name and our emails are sent on your customer id. if you already received the email please go to step 1 below, if not received any email then simply write a email with your domain name (s) to : [email protected] asking them to provide you the auth codes once you send this email to Registry then go to Step 1 below :

Step 1. Reply the email which you received on 14th September,2020 /4th January,2021 by marking [email protected] in CC. As soon as you send email you will receive a case number from registry. and within day or two you will get reply from tech support that you need to submit some documents to verify domain name's Registrant identity along with list of domain names for which you need codes. Once you submit those documents and domain names list(s) , go to step 2 below and if you require any help in regard to your list of domain names or registrant details etc. send us email on [email protected].

Step 2. After submission of documents, usually within a two days time you will get a email containing your Auth Codes from NiXi (.IN Registry). This email contain your domain names, Auth codes and number of years for which you need to pay due renewals.

After you receive this email you have choice to choose your registrar, you can simply forward us the email , we will generate invoice in your customer account as per the registry email and once you pay them , we will activate your domain name by transfer from registry account to the same control panel where you were previously managing your domain names. No downtime and if you are using our DNS then same will remain active. Lowest possible pricing will be provided to you.

Or alternately you have choice to transfer it to another registrar of your choice, in that case we will delete the domain name from our system and if you are using any free services like DNS or free emails with us, they will also be get deleted and your domain name remain defunct during the transfer period. Choice is yours.

If you decided to renew your domain name though us then go to Step 3 or if you do not want to continue with us then further process will be get completed by your new registrar.

Step 3. Once you forward us the email containing auth codes (make sure you donot touch any value in that email), we will generate invoices for transfer and renewal on you and as soon as you pay them, you need to inform us on [email protected] and You need to reply email which you received from registry containing auth codes to [email protected] and mark cc to [email protected] with following lines:

" I already paid all dues to my registrar, Please UNLOCK and allow transfer of our domain names to registrar #1 Indian Domains dba"

We will then start the transfer process, Transfer process is usually takes few hours to 3 days depending on how fast registry acknowledges the emails. Our customers has already took transfer in 2 hours also.

Step 4. Once all above steps are get completed, you have to wait and when transfer get completed, we will inform you and you can control your domain name as you were doing before from the same Mitsu control panel.

Rest assured we will provide you with lowest possible price for your renewal and transfers.

if you need any clarifications please email us on our support id. Or you can also write to NiXi (IN Registry) at [email protected] .

Mitsu Support Team.