Currently Running Promos

Mitsu Inc is dedicated to provide you with the most comprehensive set of products at the best pricing. This page will show you a summary of all our currently running promos and special offers.

  • Renewals and Transfers will not attract this special pricing.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of domains that can be registered through this promotion.
Tlds Promo Price Max Promo Registration Year(s)
.asia Rs. 275.00 1
.space Rs. 264.00 1
.site Rs. 412.50 1
.co Rs. 748.00 1 Rs. 115.50 1
.email Rs. 187.00 1
.pw Rs. 0.00 1
.tech Rs. 799.00 1
.eu Rs. 264.00 1
.website Rs. 115.50 1