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Important points to be noted, till we mentioned detailed policy:

1. In regular course minimum refund amount is Rs. 2000/= subject to charges as mentioned in point 2 below. Refund request can be made for unused balance in Mitsu account subject to refund policy. Sometimes in exceptional cases the refund amount below Rs. 2000 can be considered subject to deduction of processing charges mentioned in point 2 below. We do not accept any payment below Rs. 1000/- in Bank transfer and it is important to note that Bank Transfer made below Rs. 1000/- without prior permission will not be refunded in any condition and if refund is required to be processed in exceptional condition or for any legal issues then same will be processed as per refund policy below. CASH payment deposited in our bank will not be refunded in any condition and consider the same as forfeited.

2. For all Refunds requested within 60 days of payment then it will attract charges of Rs. 100/= (Gateway Refund Payment) OR Rs. 200 (Bank Transfer Payment) apart from the Gateway fees charged at the time of original payment. If you are claiming refunds after 60 days of making the payment then same will be paid through Bank Transfers only, in that case Rs. 200 will be charged for Bank Transfers and Gateway Charges (if any) at the time of payment will also be deducted. After deducting charges refund amount comes below Rs. 500 then same will not be refunded and refund request will be cancelled and amount will be credited back to Mitsu account for future use. Such refunds are purely at our discretion.

3. Gateway Fees will be deducted while issuing refund. If Bank to Bank transfer is done while making payment then there will not be any Gateway fees.

4.Refund will be processed within 30 days of Refund request. Before making any products/ services cancellation request for refund purpose, Make sure that at the time of making cancellation request for particular Products/ Services, the products and services should be within Money Back Policy period to get the refund. Without checking Money Back Policy Period status, if any products and services are deleted by you then same will not be considered for any refund by us. Also products and services cannot be restored after deletion, you need to buy a new products and services.

5. With effect from 20th March 2024 all Paytm Payment refund is discontinued due to CC Avenue Payment Gateway Notifications. Same cannot be refunded.

6. Any Domain Names/ Services suspended due to any reason including KYC verification status, False Contact Info, Violation of any Govt. Law or Violation of Registrant Agreement will not be refunded in any condition (Including the domain names/services are suspended by us Or on instructions of LEA Or Registry ). We strongly advise you to go through our Legal Agreements before purchasing any of the products and services. If you buy any products/services then we will count that you have gone through our all terms/conditions and agreed to our agreement terms/conditions. Any dispute in this regard is not admissible.

7. Before you purchase read carefully the Money Back Guarantee policy on the particular products/services page on our website or contact us before purchase regarding the detailed Money Back Guarantee policy as several products/ services does not comes under Money Back Guarantee policy including email services/some of the hosting services/SSL and certain domain names TLD including .IN domain names. Swapping of products/services are strictly not allowed, if products/services are within Money Back Guarantee then you can delete the order and instead of swap you can buy a new products/services.

8. Certain Hosting products which is under 100% risk free Money Back Guarantee can be cancelled within the Money Back Guarantee period ONLY and if you are using any such hosting order for more then 10 days then the Money Back Guarantee cancellations are subject to our scrutiny for abuse/spam etc. In some cases where we observe violations or abuse we may deduct the charges on pro-rata basis. Email/SSL/.IN Domain TLD products are strictly NON Refundable. All other Refunds are purely at our discretion.

9. Resellers initial funding to activate the reseller account cannot be refunded in any condition.

10. As soon as Charge-back or Pending payment(s) is noted on product(s)/ services or on any Customer / Reseller account, we suspend all services/ products including any other services/ products which are active under the same account or connected account, Any communication in this regard will not be considered till charge-back out come comes OR pending amount is cleared , and we are also free to auction the domain name(s) to recover our money. We strongly suggest that please contact us before filling any charge-back to resolve the issue.

11. In case of any dispute or complaints, we strongly suggest you to go through our Complaint Escalation Process . Which is a mandatory process as per Domain Name Registry as well as our product offering policy, If you avoided or try to bypass this process and directly contacting any LEA or Registry then we cannot consider any kind of refund or release of suspension from the products/ services. Then you should wait for that particular agencies verdict. Please note that this Complaint Escalation Process with Nodal Officer's appointment is started due to Delhi High Court orders to all Domain Name Registrars and in regular course by avoiding this process you will not yield any results with any agencies.

Also During or Before this Escalation Process if you go on any public forums or publish our internal communications (including Emails, Intellectual Property, Logo, exposing contact info and personal / staff contacts etc.) without our permissions are also be considered as violation of our Registrant and Services Agreement. We will immediately terminate the Escalation Process (if in process) without further notice and in that case Customer/ Reseller can seek the help of Court of Law or any other LEA with his/her grievances.